On this page you can do a little check of your website. The result will show you information about the google pagerank, alexa rank, a screenshot ( thumbnail ) of your website, a tag cloud of the most searched websites and additional information like links on the page, DMOZ and Yahoo directory check, domain age and other relevant stuff. Have fun! If you want to have this script, you can download it from our downloads page. Maybe you are wondering why the website is black? This is easy, black saves energy and we all love the environment.

Google Pagerank Checker Script

Want your own Google PageRank Script? has released it's pagerank checker for free to download.
You can now create your own Google Pagerank Checker website to offer your visitors a possibility to check their website details for free, just like we have on our own website.

How much does the Google PageRank Script cost?
Nothing, the script is absolutely FREE, although we charge a small fee for copyright removal. You can go to the buy page so you can see all of our plans.

What's included?
Checked  Google Pagerank PHP Script.
Checked  The current design of this website ( ).
Checked  Quick Pagerank script installation guide.

Checked  PHP (version 5).
Checked  MySQL (version 4.1+).
Checked  CURL library.
Checked  GD library for PHP with FreeType enabled.

How do I get my copy of the script?
It is really simple, all you have to do is to mail us with your request ( info [at] ) and get the download link via mail. The download will start in just a few seconds. When an update will be available, the archive (Provide by us) for download will be changed, so you would better bookmark the site to check out for updates.


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